Ultram, also known as Ultracet, Tramacet, Tramadol, Tridural, Tradonal, Zydol, or Zamadol is an opiate painkiller prescribed for people in moderate to severe pain. It is different from other opioids in the way that it produces an Adderall-like high. People who take Tramacet, Ultram, or Ultracet report a feeling of euphoria, but without the drowsiness commonly associated with other opiates.

Because Ultram doesn't make people groggy, it's appealing to patients who cannot take time off from work. By taking Ultram, they can effectively manage pain while still being productive at work. The problem is, people can develop a dependency on Ultram, just like other opiate pain killers.

Ultram is a painkiller commonly abused and misused because it immediately raises serotonin levels in the brain, much like antidepressants. This is said to be the reason people report feeling energized when taking Tramadol. This is also the reason it is very difficult for people to recognize they have a dependency on it.

Just like illegal narcotics such as cocaine and heroin, people can become addicted to legal, prescription drugs like Ultram. How do you recognize the signs of Ultram Dependence?

Symptoms of Ultram Dependence and Addiction

  • The use of Ultram or other pain killers beyond their intended medicinal use. This could mean taking extra doses or taking them to feel better after a bad day.
  • The use of pain killers to cope with stress, or taking Ultram as an excuse to avoid responsibilities or certain situations.
  • Do you find yourself craving painkillers, even when a prescription has run out? Some people become so desperate that they result to purchasing Tramadol, or one of its other forms, such as Zydol illegally.

    Many of these people have never taken illegal drugs in their lives. They feel ashamed, but feel horrible without Tramadol, so horrible that they will exhaust all resources to obtain it.
  • Have you asked friends or family members for money to purchase Ultram or another prescription pain killer, even after your pain has subsided?
  • If you stop taking Ultram, and begin experiencing flu-like symptoms. These symptoms can last for days, as your body has developed an opiate dependence.

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